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In todays highly competetive businesses, there is a keen interest to adopt Big Data to unleash hidden insights from untapped data. Companies wonder where and how to tap into Big Data to realize potential savings/ opportunities/leads etc. An IT team with Big Data Skills can help in exploring Big Data and extracting meaningful information to align with business objectives.

Big Data can bring a transformative impact to your business - across functions and industries. It is imperative to have the right Big Data skills in your team which can help to surface relevant insights that align to your business goals.

Aran Innovations will help you understand Big Data concepts and latest technologies with hands-on exercises and business case studies. This training provides an opportunity to understand latest technology trends like YARN (known as MR2), Pig, Hive, Power Query, Power View and Power Map. This extensive training blends Big Data concepts with hands-on sessions covering real life business cases, enabling you to see the technology in action and heighten your learning experience. In-depth knowledge of core concepts will be covered in the course along with implementation on varied industry use-cases.


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